1. Purchase information When ordering, a purchase agreement is made when you choose to confirm your purchase at checkout. An automated order confirmation will then be sent to your registered email address. Ordered products remain HÄLSINGS ‘property until they are fully paid. Your order will be shipped from our central warehouse in Helsingborg. Changes and additions must be made before your order is processed and sent from us. Therefore, if you discover any errors in your order, it is important that you contact our Customer Service immediately to change your order if possible. In the event of obvious errors (eg incorrect price, printing error, etc.), we reserve the right to correct the error afterwards. If you are not satisfied with our correction, you obviously have the right to cancel your order. We also reserve the right not to place an order in case the item is out of stock.   2. Prices and payment methods Any charges for shipping may apply, which in such cases is stated in the checkout. After an order has been confirmed, prices can only be changed due to circumstances that we do not have control over (eg war, natural disasters, etc.) and in the event of obvious errors in the stated price.   3. Leveransinformation HÄLSING skickar utekök färdigmonterade hem till kund. Det är tyngre gods som levereras på pall, vilket sker till gatuplan helgfri vardag mellan kl 08-17. Vi kan leverera utomlands vid önskemål. Vi erbjuder fri frakt inom svenska fastlandet. Vi förbehåller oss rätten att debitera kunden tilläggsfrakt vid leveranser utöver det normala. Om kunden inte mottager/löser ut frakten så debiteras kunden för returfrakt samt administration. Meddelande om eventuella avvikelser från den normala leveranstiden eller informationen på hemsidan får du i samband med orderbekräftelsen, alternativt i efterhand via separat mail. Du har då givetvis rätt att avstå, alternativt ändra din beställning. Skulle någon av produkterna du beställt ha en avsevärd längre leveranstid än övriga produkter på din order kan vi i vissa fall dela din beställning. . Hämta själv – Beställ din vara på nätet och hämta sedan när det passar dig på vårt lager i Helsingborg.   3. Delivery information HÄLSING sends the outdoor kitchen fully assembled home to the customer if nothing else is agreed. It is heavier goods that are delivered on pallets, which is done to street level weekend free weekdays between 08-17. We offer free shipping within the  mainland. We reserve the right to charge the customer extra shipping for deliveries beyond normal. If the customer does not receive / trigger the delivery, the customer will be charged for return shipping and administration. You will receive notification of any deviations from the normal delivery time or the information on the website in connection with the order confirmation, or afterwards via separate mail. You will then of course have the right to refuse, or change your order. You can also order your item online and then pick it up when it suits you at our warehouse in Helsingborg.   4. Transport damage and fault handling Caarriers responsibility as a carrier occurs when they have handled the shipment for promotion through competent personnel, and terminates when the shipment at the place of destination is handed over to the recipient or made available to him. Damage, reduction or loss that is visible must be reported immediately upon receipt of the goods and recorded in the acknowledged copy of the transport document or other document. The consignee of a consignment is obliged to check, immediately upon receipt, whether the item has suffered damage from the packaging. Hidden damage must be reported to carrier as soon as possible, but no later than seven (7) calendar days from the receipt of the shipment. An order that is incorrectly dispatched, we recommend that you report it to our Customer Service as soon as possible. Force majeure HÄLSING is not responsible for any damage or delay due to law enforcement, government action, mobilization, war event, seizure, currency restriction, system failure, failure or restriction in deliveries from subcontractors, strike, lockout, boycott, blockade or other similar circumstance that either hinders or aggravates fulfillment to such an extent that it can be done only at an abnormally high cost.   5. Warranty and complaint We strive to make you as a customer feel safe when you shop with us. Therefore, we offer very favorable warranty terms. The warranty applies to malfunctions that occur during the warranty period. The warranty does not apply to defects that occur during or after your own change in the product’s function and appearance, such as rebuilding, upgrading or other configuration of the product. We generally give you a 10-year warranty on our outdoor kitchens apart from some wear parts. Before a warranty repair or warranty replacement can be approved, we need to investigate the product. In the event that the product is not subject to a warranty error, but a so-called handling error (includes incorrectly set product, damage due to negligence etc.), we have the right to charge you for the examination cost. Shipping costs and handling fees will be added.   6. Right of withdrawal and Open purchase We offer you a 14-day right of withdrawal from receipt of the item provided the item is unused. To exercise the right of withdrawal, please notify us as soon as you know that you wish to cancel your purchase. Be aware that you are at risk if the product is damaged when it is shipped back to us. Therefore, make sure the item is well packaged. In the event that accessories are missing or physical damage exists, we reserve the right to charge a fee to restore the item to functional condition. When using your right of withdrawal, you stand as a customer for the return shipping (keep in mind that the return costs can be high, up to 1000 EURO). Other costs, such as cost of goods  will be refunded. A refund / credit will primarily be made to the original payment method, which normally occurs within 10 business days of receiving and approving your return.   7. Personal Information When you shop or interact with us, you may share your personal information with us so that we can process your order. We will delete your details when they are no longer relevant to the order.